Sunday, December 07, 2003

Just finished the ARC for Nancy Werlin's DOUBLE HELIX. Very thought proking book. Farmer's THE HOUSE OF THE SCORPION got us thinking about cloning. DOUBLE HELIX will have us thinking about the ethics of genetic experimentation to create the "perfect" child. In theory, if we can alter the genetic makeup of an embryo we can eliminate birth defects. The question is - Does man have the right to make those decisions? How does one determine what a birth "defect" is? Ask the parent of a handicapped child how they feel about this subject. I am still shaking my head over this book and the roller coaster of a emotions this book evoked.

Eli, the main character, knows he's different, but for years is too scared to even consider why. When he does begin the search process all kinds of skeletons come out of the family closet. And what a "family" he discovers! I am going to have to go back and read it again.

Took a walk through the neighborhood earlier. Tried to take our Golden with me but I couldn't find her leash. Did find the bright pink cat leash with little white cat paws on it, but after the first full pulls on the leash that about knocked me off my feet I decided she was too strong for that leash. We barely made it two blocks away from the house before I took her back home. Maybe she was too embarrassed to be seen in public by the other dogs in the neighborhood because of the hot pink cat leash! :-)

I love to look at the Christmas decorations, even in the day time. I went through ealier today and marked all the Christmas shows in the TV guide. I collect Santas and copies of THE NIGHT BEFORE CHRISTMAS. In other words I am a Christmas freak. My inner child comes out big time during the Holidays. Tthere are so many wonderful Christmas books to read and so little time! Seasons' Readings :-)

I hope you all have begun decorating for the Holidays.

Wednesday, December 03, 2003

The Internet is only wonderful when your local area provider isn't working on the cable lines! I thought Steve was going to go into withdrawal when he couldn't get online. Two days about killed him. I have to admit I wasn't too happy about it either.

I finished Second Summer of the Sisterhood and I still don't know if Bee had sex with the older guy in Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants, but clearly it affected her deeply as she quit playing soccer and dyed her blonde hair. Maybe I liked the second book better because I just read it. That is rarely the case with me.

For example, I loved Allende's City of the Beasts, set in the Amazon, but I didn't get into Kingdom of the Golden Dragon as much. Maybe it was the setting - I loved the Amazon setting and felt the character development of the two teens was excellent. The Beasts were an integral part of the story in the first book, but the Yetis seemed almost like an add on in the second book. Not that I didn't enjoy it - I did. Allende is a stunning writer, using such beautiful language with a mystical quality.

Right now I am reading the ARC for Nancy Werlin's new one Double Helix. So far it is very intriguing. I'll let you know what I think when I am finished with it.

Would have read more last night but we put up the tree. I was chuckling as Steve pieced the artificial tree together. It has the lights on it and he was trying to figure out the connections between sections, with Sophie, our calico, helping from underneath the tree. Then I spent the rest of the evening trying to get the branches to look natural. Sure different from when I was kid. My dad and older brothers would go out into the 40 acres of bush we owned and cut down a spruce tree. Then Mom and I spent time trying to find the best side to put forward and sometimes there wasn't one! As I got older I began to realize why our tree was always in the corner of the living room, as we turned it, trying to find a uniform, fully branched side to decorate. But, it is amazing what a good job old fashioned tinsel does in covering up the spots where there aren't branches. At first we would start putting it on one strand at a time and then the boys would get bored with it and start throwing it at the tree. Of course, there were several years the cat knocked the tree down, sometimes more than once, so it looked a bit lopsided by the end of the Holiday Season and there was one year the boys made the mistake of cutting down a "swamp spruce" which when it warms up to room temperature smells a lot like cat urine. My poor cat kept getting blamed for it! Let's just say we always had a unique tree!

All for today. Felt weird not to "talk" for the last two days. Please excuse my typo errors. I am terrible about catching my own mistakes and the spell checker isn't always that great.