Tuesday, March 21, 2006

A scattered clouds Tuesday a.m. in the islands. This is the first a.m. I have been out of bed at 6:00 in a couple of weeks - all I can say is YUCK!!!

Last night I was talking bout Klause's Freaks. I went to bed thinking about this book last night as I so wanted to love it as I did her vampire love story, The Silver Kiss, and the deliciously sensual female werewolf story, Blood and Chocolate. I think part of the reason I didn't connect with this book is that the main character is a male who is having sexual urges. Now with Zoe in The Silver Kiss her attraction to Simon was more on a emotional basis as she was dealing with her mother's impending death. In Blood and Chocolate a female werewolf falls in love with a human teen and shows him how she transforms into a wolf and is devastated when he is terrified of her rather than loving her more for who she is. In other words - these were "love stories" a female reader can relate to. Now Abel Dandy is a 17 year old horny guy who is not above kissing the dog faced girl for a thrill. But as a "normal human" with no physical abnormalities he doesn't fit in with the freak show he has lived with all of his life and runs away to a "regular" circus and discovers that his knife throwing skills aren't a big deal there either. When he starts having sexy dreams about an Egyptian woman he can't concentrate on much of anything else. Discovering that the scarab ring he was given as a gift can actually bring her mummy to life adds further spice, in a gross out way at times, to his physical desire for this woman. Abel is not a character I could connect to even though he is really a nice guy and goes out of his way to help everyone he comes in contact with, even the little dog boy who follows him to the circus. All I can say is that Klause has written another book that is unforgettable. I wasn't crazy about it, but I won't forget it and I certainly will booktalk it. A few excerpts or a first person booktalk will have the guys sitting up and paying attention. Having the hots for a mummy who comes to life under your hands will interest any teenage guy. I don't think they will be quite as grossed out by her as I was. :-) Klause has a way of making you sit up and pay attention to her books and she certainly did this again with Freaks.

All for today.