Friday, April 28, 2006

Oh my - feel like a wet noodle! Just had an Indian massage - a combination of deep muscle massage, accupressure, and reflexology. She got all those sore spots and then some. Now it is Steve's turn so I am sitting at the pool bar, where there is wireless Internet connection. We were down here for breakfast and 1/2 the people in the place had their laptops out. So much for going on vacation without work intruding. I spent my online time this a.m. answering student emails.

We are staying at Nail Bay Resort on Virgin Gorda, in the British Virgin Islands. We took the fast ferry from St. Thomas to Road Town on Tortolla and then another ferry over to Virgin Gorda. Our rental car wasn't at the ferry dock so I actually road in an island "dollar cab" (truck with open seats in the back) for the first time since we moved to the islands. It wasn't too bad, but I was glad to get in the tiny Suzuki wannabe Jeep instead. The road out to Nail Bay Resort is the worst I have seen anywhere - even in the Yukon Territory years ago! It is very hilly and the rain has washed deep trenches down the hills so driving is like dealing with an obstacle course. But, it is worth every bump and jolt when you see the rooms. We are in a bi-level room with the bed and bathroom upstairs and a little seating area going out to our own plunge pool on the bottom level! We watched the sunset from the tiny pool last night. It would have been heaven if we hadn't been eaten alive by mosquitoes. I had Steve take pictures of the adorable critters the maid created out of rolled up towels, flowers and shells. They were on the bed and in the bathroom and all over. The shower is huge - no window in it - just a screen.

I haven't had time to read, but we do have a bunch of paperbacks in the room. Lots of them are wrinkled - clearly read at the beach or in the pool. I found a romance called Honeymoon by Patterson. I grabbed it, but haven't read a page yet. We were so tired last night that we got food to go, ate in the room, and crashed early. Today we went to a beach near the resort. We were the only people on the beach. Steve had a small octopus swim right up to him and a sea star float by. We saw a really weird looking sea cucumber and lots of little fish in the tidal pools. I was picking tiny shells to use in crafts. We are both a bit toasty and red after that. Had lunch at the Mine Shaft. It is supposed to be the best place to watch sunsets. We think our plunge pool is so we went for lunch instead. They have a put-put golf course in front of the restaurant but it looks like the only ones who use it are the goats and the roosters!

It is Carnival on St. Thomas so that is why we are on Virgin Gorda. Neither of us like crowds and Charlotte Amalie is nuts right now. The Children's Parade is today and the adult parade tomorrow. Going to the ferry dock yesterday was a nightmare with the detours through town. I love the quiet of Virgin Gorda instead! It will be sad when all the developers find this quiet island.

Anne and Nicke are in Manhattan for a few days before they go back to Finland. What a honeymoon this has been for them! Can't wait to hear what they think of Central Park, the Empire State Building, etc.

All for now - need to do some grading while I wait for Steve.