Sunday, September 10, 2006

Another weekend is at an end. It has been a busy one, since I didn't have to deal with rain. The wet vac arrived (HSN is very quick) so I got the storm debris cleaned off of the deck on Saturday. Not sure I am keen on this indoor/outdoor carpeting that is on the deck. It is regular wood decking underneath. If I had the strength to roll up the carpet and pitch it over the side of the edge I just might. It was a real pain to clean. Then I went shopping to find a couple of chairs I could both afford and carry up the stairs and out to the deck. Found some today, at of all places CVS Drugstore, at 90% off. They aren't quite the chairs I would have picked, but for $7 a piece for good quality folding chairs I can't complain. Even found a round plastic table I could haul up the stairs.

Steve said St. Thomas has had a lot of rain from Florence. Sounds like it is going to hit Bermuda. I finally gave up on trying to talk to him as I was getting a headache from the background noise. The landlord, who lives above our apartment, was jack hammering something - must have been replacing tile. He called at 7 a.m., on a Saturday, to tell Steve about the noise. How considerate of him! My teeth hurt just listening to it - no wonder Steve said poor Sophie was going bonkers from the noise. I hope he went to RJ's wake at Bottom's Up today. Is going to be so strange to go back in October and not see RJ's smile when we walk in where he is playing.

Read Janet McDonald's Twists and Turns - a quick evening read and an interesting addition to the occupation/career fiction titles. Two sisters from the projects decide that they will open their own business after high school doing what they are good at - braiding hair. A friend who has made money doing commercials gives them $10,000 to get their business going. After the grand opening things slow down but they have more to worry about than customers. At a party in their apartment while their mother was away at a church gathering, Keeba and Teesha inadvertently offended a girl from another neighborhood. She has not forgotten the slight. While the sisters join a march on city hall with other project residents concerned about rumors that their homes are to be turned into condos for the yuppies, revenge is in full swing. While they are holding signs and swinging their braids in front of the TV camera, TeeKee's Tresses is being trashed. Shaniqua and her pal Red use a brick to shatter the shop windows and destroy what they can, but they can't destroy Keeba and Teesha's desire to succeed. Offer this one to the those girls who are too busy listening to rap music to read. :-)

Watched an old Cary Grant and Doris Day movie this evening. It was supposed to be partially set in Bermuda but the view was hardly "real". Made me wish I hadn't been sick most of the time we were there or was freezing because it wasn't very warm. I couldn't imagine the crazy tourists in the water when I was burrowed in sweaters. The worst part was not being able to rent a car and having to pay for taxis to go anywhere. And, all those old guy knobby knees in their Bermuda shorts and knee sox! Gross!!