Monday, October 16, 2006

It feels like ages since I have had a chance to just sit down and "talk" on this blog. A very hectic couple of weeks with NCSLMA conference attendance and then time with Steve.

The NC School Library Media Association Conference in Winston-Salem was wonderful. My favorite part was the author luncheon as Linda Sue Park spoke and she was both eloquent and funny. She spoke about her life and her writing process. Most everyone knows about A Single Shard, but my favorite Park book is one that you hear little about - Archer's Quest. A 12-year-old boy's studies are rudely interrupted when an arrow flies into his bedroom and pins his baseball cap to the wall. Right behind it is Skillful Archer, who was born in 55 BC. This is a true "guy book" with a martial arts skilled time traveler who is also a Chinese noble who has formed his own kingdom, Koguryo, which is now Korea. Accustomed to being in charge he demands that Kevin help him find his way back home and to do so they must find the tiger he was riding when he fell through time. A well written fantasy that weaves ancient history into a modern day setting. Tweenage boys will love the archery and martial arts emphasis. A wonderful book for booktalking.

On the home front - I met Steve in Kansas City last Saturday, after a 4 hour delay due to mechanical difficulties with the plane here in Greenville. I ended up puddle jumping through Chicago to get to KC that evening. But, we did go directly to the hospital so I could hold our newest grandbaby. :-) Kadynce Anne has a full head of hair and is an active newborn. Poor Monica was exhausted as she had visitors all day and we were the last in the stream. I know I should have waited until the Sunday, but I knew we were leaving on Monday and I wanted to get two visits in during the weekend, which we did. Still am working on the baby quilt, but Kady won't know that it is going to be late.

After the hospital visit, Steve took me to the theme park that he worked at when he was a teenager so we could see the Halloween displays. We waited for 45 minutes to get into the Haunted "House" - actually a campground set-up - while surrounded by little boys who were as hyper as all get out. One was even hanging on the back of my jeans and we hadn't even gotten in yet. Closer to the entrance his fear got the best of him and he went back. Good thing as I would have spun him off of me like a whirling dervish! One of the ghouls chased me in circles around Steve, who thought it quite funny. I am a wuss when it comes to this kind of thing - ghouls jumping out and screaming at you, etc. I screamed so loud back at them I had a sore throat when we left. The worst was the toilet monster - it sprayed us with with what I hope was a mist of clean water! Steve loves Halloween as much as I love Christmas and I am sure I entertained him as much as the employees who knew they had someone they could torment!

Maybe it was the toilet water that did him in, as poor Steve woke up Monday morning with a horrible head cold. We drove back to Greenville through Missouri, Iowa, Kentucky, West Virginia, etc. What a beautiful two day drive - Mother Nature had her autumn paintbrush out and the trees were a splendor of oranges, yellows, and reds. I had forgotten how beautiful the Autumn is where there aren't palm trees! Wish Steve had been feeling better so he could have enjoyed it more. My neck got sore from having to look in every direction.

Even with his horrible head cold Steve was able to get a good portion of my "honey do" list done during the week. And, we watched the first 4 DVD's of Lost, season 2. I had not seen most of them so I had a few shocks. So now I have my O'Keefe print up from Mic and Mary and other artwork that makes it feel like home. And, he got the fireplace pilot light lit so I can flip a switch and have a fire in the evening. Now all I need is Sophie and I leave for the islands on Friday and will bring her back with me.

As much as I would like to just chat via the keyboard I have a meeting summary to write. Drat!!