Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Eighteen hours of driving and two days of meetings later I am back home. The trip to the chiropractor was much needed today as my neck and shoulders are very sore from the driving. But, no signs of the vertigo - yahoo!!

Isn't it interesting how messy a house can get when only a guy is in it? I got home at 10:00 last night to a sink full of dishes and a full laundry hamper. So, those chores got done today while I caught up on email and other "stuff". My 3 days of snail mail is still sitting on the kitchen counter. I will get to that this evening.

Sitting next to me on the desk is an advanced reading copy of Alex Flinn's Beastly, which will be out from HarperCollins in October. Flinn has delved into the Beauty and the Beast lore and made it her own with this captivating modern retelling. The beast is the self centered preppie, Kyle, who gets turned into a beast by a witch he plays a very mean prank on concerning taking her to dance at their exclusive private school. But, no one is more self centered and self serving than his TV anchorman father who is more concerned about what having a beastly son may do to his own image. So he basically imprisons Kyle in a home no where near Manhattan where he might be seen by the beautiful people. Kyle is left with the housekeeper and a blind college student who is to be his tutor. In his boredom, and with a basically unlimited credit line, Kyle creates a beautiful rose garden in the tiny plot of ground behind the house and creates a beautiful environment for - you guessed it - his Beauty. But, she would not have been his type before he became beastly. Kyle learns the true meaning of beautiful - oh yes, this knowledge comes with their time together as he matures into the man he will become. An absolutely delightful urban retelling of a story so mature in theme that every time I think of Disney and those d--n dancing teacups I could scream! This is a coming of age story, not one for our toddlers. And, Flinn has given it back to us as a modern coming of age tale, beastly and beautiful, all at the same time. A YA novel for every collection.

All for today.