Saturday, May 31, 2008

An overcast but warm day in the lows 80s. We may drive up to the theme park near Cincinnati later today to catch the last few hours and see the fireworks. Tomorrow is the Lexmark day but Steve will be golfing and I will be enjoying my NYTimes and chick flicks.

This picture is of a beach on Tobago. I finally got my pics loaded to my computer. Had to find the camera in my mess of an office. I wasn't crazy about Tobago at all, but I do love the scenery of this island - very hilly.
Stve and I began our relationship because we both love the ocean and islands. Yesterday was our 6th anniversary. We were married barefoot on the beach - Steve in an aloha shirt and me in a little white dress with flowers in my hair. I'd put up a picture but I have no idea where the CD of wedding pics is - besides, I would just get depressed seeing myself in that little white dress that I couldn't get into now if I tried. They say men gain weight when happily married - women do too!
We stayed at one of the most beautiful and romantic resorts in the Caribbean - the Cuisanart Resort. Lots more expensive now then it was 6 years ago!

Finished reading Maryrose Wood's why i let my hair grow out. What a wonderful mix of realism and fantasy, set in one of the most fantastical places in the world - Ireland. Sixteen year old Morgan is dumped by her egocentric boyfriend Raph and goes into a tailspin, giving herself a buzz cut and then dying in orange stripes. This freaks her parents out, who decide what Morgan needs is a week long biking tour in Ireland. The way she's been acting, this vacation is as much for her parents and little sister as it is for Morgan - they need a break from her too. The bike tour idea doesn't seem all that bad when the hottie tour host, Colin, picks her up at the airport. Another great looking Irish dude enters her life when she purposely leaves behind her helmet and her riding partner and heads up what she doesn't realize is fairy road. Morgan wipes out big time and wakes up in Long Ago Ireland, where she is Morganne with long strawberry blonde hair and the waited for "savior" who is supposed to end the fairy curses that are raising havoc. The hunky dude, Fergus, who finds her has an uncanny resemblence to Colin. :-) Morgan moves back and forth between her modern day bike trip and her budding relationship with Colin, to the past where she must solve a riddle to rid the kingdom of the fairy curse. This is a fekking funny book! Hey - watch your language, as Morgan's mother would say! A gotta read book. Can't wait to booktalk it. Morgan has a wickedly sly sense of humor. I agree with the B&N reader review - Wickedly Radd Book!

Can't wait to read the sequel where Colin plays a major role - How I Found the Perfect Dress. It is sitting on my bedside table just waiting for me. :-)

A really cool nonfiction title I am reading in bits and pieces - the way many of us read nonfiction - is 50 Ways to Save the Earth by Anne Jankeliowitch, with photographs by Philippe Bourseiller, a new Abrams title. The color photographs are stunning and look great on heavy slick paper. A double page spread, with at least one color photograh, address each of the 50 ways we can help save the Earth. The hints that precede the text are directed at young readers, such as asking their parents to put a brick or bottle filled with sand in tank so flushing the toilet uses less water. Did you know we drink only 1% of the water used in our homes? A third of it is used to flush the toilet. When we lived on St. Thomas we used cistern water for everything but drinking. We often took "camp showers"- turning off the water while you soap up your hair and body, etc. If you run out of the rain water in the cistern you then buy it, and it isn't cheap. We really cut back on paper products too - used cloth napkins at all times. I went back to paper napkins and using paper towels, but just purchased more cloth napkins. Every little bit helps. A must have book for every level library and I plan on using it as a "coffee table" book that guests can pick up and browse through again and again.

On to other things.