Monday, September 22, 2008

We actually stood on the Grand Ole Opry stage on Saturday. :-) The backstage tour was very interesting, especially about the circle on the stage that was cut out from the old Wyman Theater and added to the new stage in Opry House. The house seats about 4400 and we were in the nose-bleed section but with the big screens there isn't a bad seat in the house. Was interesting to watch the stage hands doing their thing between acts as this is live radio show. Lots or Pro Bass Shop commercials! Although I am a very big Alan Jackson fan and he was wonderful, my favorite act was Darius Rucker. You may know him from his Hootie and the Blowfish days. This guy can sing and his "Don't Think I Don't Think About It" is such a cool, but sad song. I am going to buy his CD Learn to Live: We also got to listen to Charlie Daniels and he can still play that fiddle to beat the devil as his song states, even though his beard and hair are as white as snow.

Saturday was our "Opry Day" and we wandered through the Gaylord Opryland Hotel - talk about huge and easy to get lost in. The other pic above is of a what I would call a Green Woman, based on the Green Man myth. I have always been fascinated with this mythical creature who stands for nature in its most wild and natural form. The woman's face was painted green and she had stilts attached to her legs and arms making her a long supple green bough. I stood as mesmerized watching her as the little kids. Thank goodness Steve had the camera to take a pic of her. There is a really great YA collection of short stories and poetry about the Green Man called The Green Man: Tales from the Mythic Forest edited by Ellen Datlow: I need to order a new copy. Mine went missing when I let students borrow from me so who knows where my previous copy is. Hopefully in some teen's hand who is as enamoured with this myth as I am.

Sunday was our Texans' day and then got creamed by the Titans. We were up in the nose-bleed section and the sun was merciless. I have a farmer's tan neckline and very red face today. But, it was worth it, even though they lost. First time I have seen them play in person since we moved from the Houston area. Nashvillians from around us in the stadium were asking about Houston and were a great group, putting up with both my screams of delight and moans of despair. All it all it was a wonderful weekend away from home for both of us. Steve didn't even take his laptop. I admit I did take mine and checked email both mornings and answered a few students' emails before I felt comfortable to just enjoy the time off. To my students who are reading this - thanks for keeping my inbox relatively bare this weekend and for the "have fun in Nashville" emails. :-)

Since I already wrote about a YA title, my children's book for today is a hilarious picture book about how lazy babies are - from the viewpoint of the primary school aged older sister. Susan Orlean's Lazy Little Loafers is an absolute hoot. G. Brian Karas caught the frustration of the older sister and the sassiness of the diaper set beautifully. I can't wait to read this one to my grandsons in relation to their infant age little sister. I thought of all the pics of the movie stars' babies when the older sister spouts - "And as far as model superbabies go, I'm not sure they're real - after all, you can just about do anything with digital photography." After watching several babies studiously not working, older sister decides as she arrives at school, "...I figured out the answer to my question. You want to know why babies don't work?" You turn to the last page where the baby, in stroller, turns his head and sticks out his tongue at her. "She deadpans in defeat, "They're too smart." This is the perfect shower or baby gift for anyone you know who is having a second, third, fourth..... baby. Also, a must have in any preschool or primary age library collection. The tongue in cheek humor makes this a superb read aloud.

That's it for today.