Tuesday, October 14, 2008

I fell in love with Savannah - even in the rain! This pic is of one of a Spanish Moss covered tree in one of the many squares that make up historical Savannah. Not many of my pictures came out as it was such miserable weather, but this one does show the green of the square and the lovely grayish green of the moss. I had to chuckle at the sight of an older man holding a handful of moss as his wife was instructing him to put it in the trunk. I didn't check the license plate to see where they were from but if her sprig of moss is as prolific as the moss in Savannah she may wish she hadn't brought it home. I did not bring any to Kentucky!

We had a wonderful time and my favorite part was the carriage ride ghost tour on Friday night. We didn't see any ghosts but got to hear the stories and that was fun as was the ride in the carriage. I even got to ride up front with the guide. What fun - all but the part where I almost fell flat on my butt getting out. No step-down from that seat so I stepped onto the wheel and jumped down. My knees couldn't take the abrupt landing from that height and I almost lost it - Steve kept me from landing in the mushy wet horse poo that decorated the area! Now I want to go back and stay in a haunted B&B, but maybe not the one that is haunted by a lady ghost who doesn't appreciate women staying there and decorated the parlor Christmas tree with their undies. I bought a autographed copy of James Caskey's Haunted Savannah: The Official Guidebook to Savannah Haunted History Tour 2008 This is the link for the 2007 edition, but it is similar: http://search.barnesandnoble.com/Haunted-Savannah/James-Caskey/e/9780972422420/?itm=1 We also ate lunch at the Moon River Brewing Company, which is one of the most haunted buildings in Savannah. We saw no ghosts even though Steve kept teasing me that he saw or heard one! The upstairs is not used because of the high level of ghost activity and the basement has its problems - one of the ghosts likes to open the beer vat taps even though they are locked closed.

Since I was in Greenville last week and then went to Savannah for Fall break I didn't do much reading, but I can say I am "slogging" my way through the 4th book in the Twilight series - Breaking Dawn by Stephanie Meyer. http://search.barnesandnoble.com/Breaking-Dawn/Stephenie-Meyer/e/9780316067928/?itm=1 Let's just say I have had my fill of Bella and her antics. Not too keen on the Rosemary's Baby type pregnancy either. I know these books are beloved by many a tween, teen, and adult alike, but I am not a huge fan. I am looking forward to seeing the movie though. My hair dresser asked me if I am an Edward or Jacob fan and I have to go with Jacob. While doing a booktalking session in Louisville the topic came up and I said as a mother I'd rather have my daughter involved with a werewolf than a vampire. What weird conversations YA novels elicit in a group of librarians!

That's it for today.