Friday, November 21, 2008

I guess I am on a vampire/horror kick at the moment as we are going see Sweeney Todd tonight at our little opera house here in Lexington. We have seats close up so I am hoping none of the blood lands in the audience. I won't go see the movie as I "don't do blood and gore" but it can't be that bad as a play - right?!

All the hype about Twilight since it hit the theaters today. You Twilight lovers will also get a kick out of the Urban Dictionary’s word for the day!

November 21: Vegetarian Vampire
A vampire that drinks animal blood, and resists human blood.
The Cullens from Stephenie Meyer's Twilight are vegetarian vampires.

This is the sure sign that this YA series has become a part of our culture just as Harry Potter has. We all know we are Muggles, even if we don’t like to admit we aren’t a darn bit magical. Hmm - maybe I don't want to admit that at all, but I can honestly say I am not a Vegan Vamp! I hope Annette Curtis Klause’s Silver Kiss is selling well – it is the “best” vampire YA novel out there and it was published back in the 90s. Simon is much more of a tortured soul than Edward is and the story doesn't go on and on! This is a quick vampire read, but one you will not forget once you have read it. I am suprised this one wasn't made into a movie, or may it was and I missed it. I prefer the book to any movie, any day.

Steve had a "business social" last night and we went to a "screening" of the new Bond movie, Quantum of Solace. I wasn't impressed with the neverending violence. I loved Brosnan as Bond - those movies had some humor and some heart, but this was just down right cold and vicious. Granted, Daniel Craig has to the most stunning blue eyes since Paul Newman, but try smiling once in awhile.

Okay - gotta go - I hear Steve pulling up and I am still in sweats - not appropriate for a play.