Saturday, August 29, 2009

I'm sitting on the bed with heat on my knee (instead of ice now) watching Ted Kennedy's funeral. We watched the "wake" at the JFK Library last night. I laughed and cried and truly tired myself out. Many of us vicariously grew up with the Kennedy family. I don't remember a time when there wasn't a Kennedy in the news. I've always had a fascinating with Jackie Kennedy and how she lived her life in the years after JFK died, including being a well thought of editor. It isn't just the Kennedy born who are incredible in their own way, it is the women and men they choose to marry and the children they bear. I hope Teddy's sons will carry on their father's work and all will continue the family expectation of public service of some type.

Sophie has gotten used to sleeping on her own blanket on the bed as I do my "elevation" time. Cats can snore almost as loud as humans! But, we've put a lot of hours in together here on this bed. When I saw the surgeon earlier this week he prescribed another 3-5 weeks of limited use of my left knee. The physical therapist wasn't as optimistic as he measured it, saw the amount of swelling, and the limited movement. He predicted 5-6 weeks at best if I behave myself. Well, that is not so easy to do when creating the 3# binder full of "stuff" that has to go in when going up for tenure. The sections are spread out across the dining room table. Steve can't believe that I am expected to create such a "scrapbook" to prove my worth when it is all cited on my vita and my Cumulative Annual Review form. Honestly, nor can I, but academia is a world unto itself!

I did take a break or two when I hit "brain dead" from all the work on the grant and the tenure portfolio to escape with a Fern Michael Sisterhood novel, Under the Radar I'm amazed that there are 13 titles in this series. No wonder I was surprised by the relationships of the Sisters as I have only read a handful of them, though I'd like to sit and read the rest of them in order to see how the heck the relationships occurred. This was not one of my favorites because it was a bit too "in your face" for me in relation to how they treated the older women in the polygamist cult they raided to rescue the young pregnant brides of the leader.

Steve is home from the gym and has the grill heated for lunch so I will close for now. Sorry - no young adult book or children's as I am not in my office where I love being surrounded by books. Next time.