Wednesday, December 15, 2004

Good morning! Sorry I didn't "blog" yesterday. Was too busy working on a presentation I am giving in the Midwest tomorrow. It highlights the four semesters of data my students at UHCL have gathered from teens about their responses to booktalking. Pretty interesting that over 90% of the teens indicated they enjoyed hearing booktalks but only 37 % of them had ever heard one before. Favorite style of booktalk was the first person. The discussion style, which is the style most often done by booktalkers, was the least favorite.

I am off to the airport here shortly. Talked to my daughter last night and it is in the teens and windy. Oh fun! I haven't seen snow since the mid 90s - this should be interesting. I am in the Holiday spirit though with Christmas music playing and my video fireplace flickering away. :-) Can't wait to see Christmas lights.

It will be a few days before I post anything again. Hopefully I will get some reading done while I am gone.