Monday, December 06, 2004

I have "horror hang-over" from six hours straight of Stephen King's The Storm of the Century last night. I went to sleep at midnight with those nasty demon teeth in my mind. I had seen parts of it when it was shown episodically, but decided since I was compiling research statistics I may as well do the marathon thing. I'm even grumpier now that I realize I missed The Librarian movie last night on TNT. Will have to read the reviews on ALA for that one. There is a survey you can fill out on the ALA website. Hope TNT shows it again soon.

Speaking of Stephen King, I have the pop-up version of The Girl Who Loved Tom Gordon right here in front of me. This is my favorite Stephen King novel and I have read lots of them, not all - he is too prolific for me - but lots. This one has more appeal to me because the fear is more internally induced than gory external stuff. There is some gore in here, but it is the idea of what it out there watching you that is scarier. I like creating my own "level of horror" and this book allowed me to do that much more readily than his others. Anyway, for a Stephen King fan, how could I not be intrigued by a pop-up book version of The Girl Who Loved Tom Gordon. Well, it is not a masterpiece by any means, but it is a gift idea for that teenage guy or gal who doesn't like to read, or any King aficionado. The pop-ups are not very well done, but the short, short story version of the novel isn't too bad.

What will they make a pop-up of next? My favorite up until now was the one about all the different types of underwear through the centuries and you got to be a voyeur - not sure what that teaches kids :-/ - by flipping back the clothes to see the undies.

I think all this horror stuff has me in a weird mood!