Tuesday, June 06, 2006

A nasty overcast and windy morning out there. Wish it would just rain and get it over with. Especially since we ran out of water again this past weekend. Luckily neither of us were in the shower when it happened. Of course, our landlord is on the Mainland and then off to Europe so the lack of water wasn't bothering him. Thank goodness we have a fellow apartment dweller who was on top of the situation and we had water when we got back from our usual Saturday lunch and run for the mail. We were pleasantly surprised by the lack of heavy traffic, but it is the beginning of hurricane season so fewer cruise ships in. I waited over 2 months for the last Drugstore.com order and this latest one came in a little over a week. Go figure! And I actually got a June issue of a magazine. It doesn't take much to excite me these days! :-)

Went for a comfort title for my last read and finished up Phyllis Reynolds Naylor's Saving Shiloh, the third in the series about a boy and his beagle in West Virginia. Judd Travers, the dog beating alcoholic that everyone likes to blame for whatever bad happens in the area is now a suspect in the death of a missing man. Of course, Marty and his friend David have let their imaginations go wild in relation to how Judd must have hid the body, but Marty actually wants to give Judd the benefit of the doubt. Especially after Judd agrees to let Marty and his dad put up a fence around Judd's yard rather than having his hunting dogs chained up. As she has in the last two Shiloh books, Naylor has created a loving rural family who haven't an easy life, but make the best of it. It is certainly a boy and his dog trilogy that will be read for decades to come. I have not seen any of the Shiloh movies so I can't attest to the quality of them, but I am sure they are kid friendly as are these books. The publisher information suggests ages 8-12 and I agree, but no matter what your age, these are are just enjoyable feel good books. This one is a bit of murder mystery too so it should keep even the reluctant reader going.

Off to Montessori for the day. I hope this breeze keeps it cool in the library. I walk out of there at the end of the day feeling like a limp rag. The talk keeps coming up about air conditioning. Who knows - I would rather see a new building with a bit more space, but like in any small private school, funds are tight.