Wednesday, June 21, 2006

What a week it has been. We left last Wednesday afternoon for DC and drove down to Greenville on Thursday. There really wasn't much sight seeing to do as we took the freeway so other than rest areas and fast food joints, it was woods and fields. Once we hit Greenville on Thursday the apartment and condo hunting began big time. I discovered quickly that the apartment complexes with decent rental prices were either in neighborhoods I wouldn't want to live in or full of students. The ECU students make up almost half of Greenville's population so they are everywhere! By the time we figured out the complexes I would be happy in we realized we would be better off buying a condo. So then out again with the realtor. And we found the perfect condo for me! It even has a Jacuzzi in the bathroom. Can't wait to soak in the tub and not worry about how much water I am using! :-) We close on it the end of July. I am going to have fun picking out furniture. :-)

Not much time for reading, but I did finish Carol Plum-Ucci's The Night My Sister Went Missing. I loved The Body of Christopher Creed and booktalk it all the time so I was pretty sure I would like her newest thriller as well. What mind games these teens play with each other. It is summer and the group of teens who grew up together on this small East Coast island have found their latest victim - Stacy, the newest member of the group and the granddaughter of a wealthy family on the island. Stacy has a foul mouth and an attitude, but the reader learns more about Stacy than maybe even Stacy knows about herself as Kurt listens to his "friends" tell their version of what happen on the pier that night. They all know that Kurt's younger sister Casey went off over the edge and into the turbulent water below. But, the question is - Did she turn and dive or did she fall off the pier when she got shot? Second question - did they really see blood and is Casey dead or is this one of her practical jokes? All the ugly things people think but don't say come out as the teens are being questioned about the shooting Due to an electronic malfunction, Kurt and his best friend, the police chief's son, can hear what is being said in the interrogation room. They learn some of the dark and dirty secrets of their small town, such as why Stacy bought the small hand gun that was fired at Casey. What a fantastic teen thriller and one to booktalk with teens. Mysteries are coming up as the top genre choice in the interest surveys my students are doing with teens. This one fits right in.

Okay - gotta finish packing as I leave for the ALA Conference in New Orleans tomorrow. Looking forward to the YALSA preconference on audio books. I am listening to The Thin Man by Hammett right now - very different from the delightful b/w movies.