Friday, July 14, 2006

Friday is finally here - the week goes by differently when getting up early every morning! I fear I may becoming a morning person - how scary is that? I am actually waking up on my own slightly before 6 a.m. most mornings. Today is going to be 1/2 day at Montessori as I have a dentist appt. in the afternoon and am going to go to the passport office and apply for a new passport with Clark on it. They keep telling me at the airport I need to get it changed and with as much as I fly I had just better do it.

We went to Sop Choppy's for pizza last night and got to hear stories about when the hurricane hit both St. Thomas and St. Croix back in the 90s. All I can say is I am glad I am getting my photos and things out of here this trip to NC. The West Indians are saying that the weather this summer (dry and hot) is just like it was before the last big one hit. Many are predicting this is the year. Really creeping me out - I hate storms.

I love the covers on the Chris Wooding books. Storm Thief is no exception. It is a sickly green and has a picture of Rail, the ghetto boy with his respirator mask covering all but his eyes and forehead. And what eyes - I have the book on my desk and it feels like his eyes are literally watching me. What a cool cover! But, as far as Wooding's books go - this is my least favorite that I have read. The Haunting of Alaizabel Cray is my favorite - how can you not love a book about a "demon" hunter falling in love with a woman who is to be sacrificed to their god? Also devoured Poison as I loved the strong willed main character entering the nasty fairy world to find her sister and finding herself in the adventure. Both of these books have a horrific fantasy side to them that I loved. Storm Thief, on the other hand, reads more like SF instead of fantasy, as it is about a island city in the ocean that changes due to probability storms. The storms are created by a huge machine that the ancestors built. Orokos does not allow anyone to leave it, either by air or by sea, even though people keep trying, and for good reason. A probability storm took away Rail's ability to breath on his own. It could be worse - he could have been turned into an animal. Moa grew up in a hidden group of people who are certain there is land/life outside or Orokos. A bird unknown to them found in a fishing net asserts this truth, which is supported by the bird that flies into the tower room of Vago, the golem. He was created by the government, but was transported out of their control by a probability storm. He is befriended by Moa, even though Rail cannot stand or trust him. The feeling is mutual. Vago will be a pivotal character in the future of both young ghetto teens. The setting is futuristic, but the ghettos are very much like the Nazi created ones of WWII. The gruel the government feeds the Orokos ghetto folk is made from the bodies of the ones the government killed. Gross!! Very weird book, but teens will love it. Another unique and fascinating title by Wooding.
There is so much more I could write about this book, but I gotta get ready for the day.