Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Stayed up late and watch Hidalgo last night. I love this move. What an incredible horse - wild mustang of the old West. I read somewhere that Viggo Mortensen bought the horse after shooting the movie. I love the last scene with the wild mustangs running across the plains. Also enjoyed Omar Sharif as the sheik. He just gets better with age. One of those movies I can watch over and over again.

My one day home this week. Steve needs this car for an a.m. appt. so I actually "slept in" until 7:00. The deep breathing exercises I have been doing 4 times a day much be working as I am waking up earlier and not as grumpy as usual. Amazing what a little extra oxygen can do for you. Steve teases me about the women's magazines I read but I do learn a few good things from them. :-)

On the theme of women's "stuff", I have the coolest book in front of me that Catherine Balkin sent me for review - Insparation: A Teen's Guide to Healthy Living Inspired by Today's Top Spas by Mary Beth Sammons and Samatha Moss. It's a Watson-Guptil publication, a publisher that puts out some cool NF stuff. Check out their website at Few teens, and many of their mothers, cannot afford the wonderful amenities of the wide variety of spas around the country. So this book has at home variations of everything from facials, a mother/daughter gab session with homemade apple crumble, yoga, henna tattos, scalp rubs, foot massages, sinus remedies, meditative walks, etc. A short description of the actual spa the at home activity is based on and the activity, often with color photographs of a teen involved in the activity, fill double page speads for each spa. There is a spa called Teens Too Day Spa in Raleigh, NC, not to far from Greenville. You go there to get dipped in chocolate, literally! :-) I love this book - I am trying out many of the at home ideas! This is a great addition to any teen collection - the girls will love it and may even convince their moms to go for a day at a nearby spa together or join them in the at home variation.

Today is going to be an exciting one! Grading and working on fall syllabi. Such a glamorous life I live. :-)