Saturday, March 10, 2007

I can't believe our first week in Lexington had come to an end. It certainly has been more than a bit busy. We moved into the corporate apartment on Thursday, but I wasn't much help getting the luggage in. There is a wickedly steep set of stairs into the apartment. We are above the neighbor's garage so when their garage door opens and closes it sounds like the floor in the living room is groaning! My hip and stairs don't like each other so I am sitting on a heating pad as I type this. Trying to get it to loosen up a bit before we go look at houses. As far as I am concerned I found my house, but Steve hasn't seen it yet. The realtor has a few others for us to see as well.

The local TV stations have a strong emphasis on horse racing. :-) I love to read/hear the names of the horses - King of the Roxy just won a race. Steve is in the living room shouting at a horse race on right now. Nobiz Like Showbiz was my horse, but Steve's Scat Daddy just won. A very different emphasis here - basketball and horse racing. We are football people so we will just have to become Bengals fans, but lately they are being called the Bungles. But, these horse races are addictive - love to listen to the British sounding announcer call the races. Lava Man in the lead - think British accent! :-)

Big controversy about three junior girls who chose to say vagina at a school event. Interesting article about it : I saw the girls on the early NBC news yesterday along with the author of the Vagina Monologues. Thank goodness for girls like these - they will be our female leaders of tomorrow.

No time for much reading. I did read a couple of books, but can't discuss what I am reading for the Margaret A. Edwards Award - sorry!