Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Another early morning in the Clark household, thanks to a very noisy cat. I think she was letting Steve know what she thinks about the new "rule" in the house that we don't leave the back door open for her. I tried to explain to her that it is "Daddy's rule" but she isn't listening to me - she assumes it is my fault and woke me up this a.m. to prove her point! We are going to find a storm door with a cat door! I'm the one home with her during the day while she gives me the major evil eye because the door is not open. Especially while Steve's Roomba was running around the house - she hates vacuums of all types, but that one really freaks her out.

Was just looking through the wealth of Rembrandt paintings on http://www.abcgallery.com/R/rembrandt/rembrandt.html I will admit right up front I am not a connoisseur of classic paintings and Rembrandt's are too dark for my taste, but my interest was piqued by Lynn Cullen's I Am Rembrandt's Daughter. This very controversial for his time Dutch painter is brought to life through the eyes of his daughter, Cornelia. She is also the daughter of his housekeeper who he never married, although their relationship took a financial and social toll as he was shunned by the wealthy patrons who once flocked to his studio. Cornelia, at 14, is responsible for keeping the dirt poor Rembrandt household going and there isn't much to work with beyond moldy cheese and dry bread. But Rembrandt doesn't notice as he is a very intent painter, sometimes add just a brush stroke or two during a several day period, which frustrates Cornelia, especially when she is the model. Cullen's imagination brought together a rich Amsterdam merchant's fictitious son and Rembrandt's daughter in a budding romantic relationship until the plague strikes the city again and Cornelia discovers just how selfish the love of her life truly is and she sees the man who has loved her and stood by her and her father during the worst of times with a much more realistic set of eyes. An absolutely fascinating book. Hand this one to the art teachers you know - maybe they will even share it with their students. A fun way to learn about a master artist - through the eyes of his teenage daughter.

Time to finish up some grading and then run errands. Need to find the closest post office. Stamps went up again!