Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Well, I am about there with the handout for the Smooth Talking: Booktalking Styles to Entice Teens to Read workshop at the downtown branch of the Lexington Public Library on the 16th. My rough draft sits in front of me with 75 YA titles on it. Won't have time to booktalk all of them, but at least the participants will have a list to leave with. Also put together a dozen of my favorite YA Lit and Booktalking sites to visit and spent way too much time on them. Well, I had to check the links to make sure they are current - didn't I? :-)

Man, it is already 4:00. Where did this day go? I have been up since a bit after 6:00 and, though I read for a bit in bed with Sophie, I was on the computer early as no Today Show until the cable guy gets here tomorrow afternoon and "hot wires" the other cable outlet in the bedroom. But, I did order Steve the NFL channel for an anniversary present. I won't tell him that I also got some really cool movie channels out of it and even one that airs hockey games.

We are going to Merrick's for dinner tonight - a very nice restaurant here in town - to celebrate our 5th anniversary. Five years ago at this time I was slipping into a short white dress and Steve into shorts and an Aloha shirt before the limo picked us up at CuisinArt Resort and Spa on Anguilla Just looked at the site - oh how I would love to be back there today, but I sadly admit my little white dress won't fit anymore. But, I don't have to worry about the shoes fitting as we got married barefoot on the beach. It was a beautiful evening, even though the champagne the limo driver poured for us was really awful! Steve told me last night he was going to ask the waiter tonight for the worst bottle of champagne they have in stock so we could recreate the first grimace as husband and wife! Steve knows how terrible I am with dates and times so he picked our wedding date and time. We were married on 5/30 at 5:30. Pretty hard to forget that. I also don't forget when he proposed as it was Thanksgiving on Mustique Island, but I have no idea of the exact date! Steve shaved his beard off Monday night so I just keep looking at him and smiling. He was clean shaven when we got married but he wears a beard most of the time. I do adore this guy even if his sense of humor can be a bit perplexing! Couldn't find any of our wedding pics on my computer, but the picture above is what we looked out at from our room. :-) We had breakfast delivered each morning and the bread on Anguilla is to die for. No wonder I no longer fit in my wedding dress - I became a bread-aholic on our honeymoon!

My anniversary present is still in the box on the back deck because I have to pick out patio paving stones before Steve will put it together. At least I know where in the yard I want it! Guess I will do that tomorrow when I run errands before the cable guy gets here. It is a small gazebo with a 3 person swing that actually folds down into a bed. Way cool! I have a terrible time sitting still so I need a rocking chair or a swing when I am outside. I need the repetitive movement to relax. Steve put in Dottie last night - our largest lilac bush - by the deck. I named her after my mom, whose name is Dorothy. Went with Dottie even though I don't know as anyone called her that. I think her nickname as a kid was Butch. Clearly Mom was not what you would call a "dainty lady" - she worked out in the barn on the family farm just like her brothers. The two smaller lilacs aren't in yet, but they are Mary, after my daughter, and Maggie, after my Gramma. We always brought Gramma lilacs for her table too. And cowslips!

Sorry no book to talk about today. I'm reading for the Margaret A. Edwards committee and I can't talk about the books. Dag nabbit anyway!