Friday, June 20, 2008

Friday is here and of course, the weekend will begin with rain and wind. We are supposed to attend an Alzheimer Association event at the Keeneland race track tonight. Hope it isn't raining then. Bourbon and BBQ - only in Kentucky. :-) Steve is on the local Alzheimer's Assn. Board so we really should be there, rain or no rain. When it rains I want to curl up with a book and read. Sounds good to me right now, but too much to do.

The wonderful news is that the latest biopsy results showed the second extraction was a "clean" removal so other than the "pretty" scar I will have on my back, I can quit worrying about it. Had to chuckle when I was in today getting the stitches out and found out I am one of the few people who has skin that has an "angry" reaction to what you put on wounds to help them heal. As my friend Larry says, "Some of us were wired by non-union electricians!" :-) That would be me and then some. So poor Steve is still on bandage duty for another week.

And, the trip to Nashville went wonderfully yesterday. I cannot say enough good things about Vanderbilt's clinic, especially after the nightmare of dealing with the UK clinic. It was like night and day in how I was treated by everyone from the receptionist to Dr. Boomershine, who is wonderful. How can you not love a doc who has a wicked sense of humor and a tiny ring in his left ear? :-) He went over literally 10 years of blood work results with me, along with all the other results from tests that have been run on me. Basically, all the visits to various kinds of doctors and the tests they ran ruled everything else out. That leaves fibromyalgia. So, the initial diagnosis from a neurologist has been reconfirmed by a fibro specialist. And, I have a treatment plan to start working on and new meds. I am feeling so upbeat as to the future of being able to control this and enjoy life again that I don't mind, too much, that I am really sick to my stomach right now from the new medication. I can live with that as I know once my system gets used to it, it is going help the pain levels. Might be a couple of rough weeks as my system learns to accept it, but after 10 years of dealing with this, that is a blink of an eye in comparison.

So, as far as days go - this is a good one. No cancer, and a doctor who understand fibromyalgia and is working with me to control it. :-)

Sorry - not booktalk/review today. Feeling really yucky, but wanted y'all to know I am doing okay. I owe so many of you emails and I am sorry - I will get there, eventually. :-)