Wednesday, February 23, 2005

GRRRR!!! I just lost my whole blog entry when I tried to spell check it. I am working on Steve's laptop instead of my desktop and he has so many security levels on here it wouldn't let me go directly to the spell checker within Blogspot and when I tried to override it I lost my posting. And I had put such thought into it!

I had written about J. Minter's series, The Insiders. I just read the third book in the series, Take It Off. It will be out in June. Considering I hadn't read the first two - The Insiders and Pass It On - Minter did a good job of introducing the new reader to the four guy friends. Mickey and Arno are still fighting over girls and showing each other up in the physical prowess area. David, the good boy, is sent home from their "educational" cruise along the Spanish coast for being drunk the first day out. Jonathan has asked David to watch out for his girl Flan, even though Jonathan had broken up with her and has now decided that wasn't a good idea and is obsessing because she hasn't e-mailed him. And we can't forget Patch, the golden boy who is the teacher's pet. Add large amounts of alcohol of every kind you can think of, clove cigarettes, sex, sand, and designer clothes to a group of rich kids trying to out do each other and you have an interesting, though shallow, read as they keep drowning in the deep end of the pool of life as they try to be nothing like, or everything like, their money and status obsessed parents. Oh what a nasty play of words that is - can't do any better since I am still irritated I lost my last posting.

Off to have breakfast and then do some grading.