Saturday, February 19, 2005

What an absolutely gorgeous and relaxing Saturday it has been. We went to lunch at Fungi's, which is a little restaurant bar on the bay at Point Pleasant Resort. We stayed at Point Pleasant last year when we first came over to St. Thomas to check it out. Fungi's is right on the beach so the waves lap up on the rocks next to the tables. The chicken roti was as good as I remember them - yummy West Indian curry specialty. Our dining entertainment was a hungry pelican that was diving into the water, very shallow water at that, and gobbling up fish. I am surprised he didn't knock himself out with some of those vertical dives.

While driving around the island we are listening to Duane's A Wizard Abroad. It has been awhile since I have "read" a Duane book and we are having a great time with the narrator's Irish accent and just listened to Nita's encounter with the local Irish teens - quite entertaining. Nita is a feisty female wizard - recommend her to girls who love Harry Potter. Speaking of Harry, we finally picked up The Prisoner of Azkaban at Blockbuster today. That and The Village. Guess who picked Harry and who picked the horror movie - YA lit. specialist vs. IT geek? :-) Steve joined Blockbuster online and we should be getting movies in the mail, but who knows when that will start and how "regular" they will be with our spotty mail service down here. He has quite a list built up for them to choose from!

In good old book format, I am reading Napoli's Bound at home and Fleischman's Whirligig in the car (the paperback from the used bookstore here on the island fits in my purse - perfect for those long stands in line). And, for some weird reason it is one of those older YA titles I just hadn't gotten around to reading. Haven't read Seed Folk either and I know I should. So far I am really enjoying Bound, a Chinese Cinderella story. How can you not love a blind and quite spoiled raccoon as a pet? I can close my eyes and see it sprawled out asleep on its back with all four legs in the air. Kind of like my cat Sophie! I hope they don't eat the raccoon like the Stepmother wants them to. Made me think of Hansel and Gretel when she suggested putting it in a cage and feeding it to fatten it up. Guess I just have to keep reading to find out what happens to Ying Ying and the raccoon. And oh those bound feet on the favored daughter - yuck! Made me think of the passage in Namioka's The Ties That Bind, the Ties That Break when the older sister unbinds her feet and the stench sweeps through the room. That would have made me darn sure I had made the right decision not to let them bind my feet!

That's it for today - need to go pick up the laundry - found a place that does it by the pound. This should prove to be interesting. I miss having a washer and a dryer!