Sunday, February 20, 2005

It is gorgeous out there with the sun sparkling on the water - like liquid diamonds. My favorite type of ocean. Steve loves the harbor in Charlotte Amalie because of the shades of turquoise to deep blue depending upon depth. I sighed in contentment this a.m. as I looked out at the ocean and Steve smiled and quipped - "Just another day in paradise!"

Lots of talk on YALSA-BK about Naughts & Crosses by Malorie Blackman. I see why. Imagine a world where the whites (naughts) were the slaves and the blacks (Crosses) were the owners. It is years later but desegregation of the schools has just begun and Callum is one of the first naughts to attend Sephy's all Cross high school. This book is so raw it hurts to read it, but oh what a wonderful book to use with teens in relation to prejudice and race relations. What if Henson was the one everyone talked about in relation to the North Pole expedition instead of Peary? What if history was written so that any white accomplishments were left out of the history books? It is all told through alternating chapters from Callum and Sephy's perspectives - two teens in love caught up in the fight between races and the haves and the have nots. I think we may be looking at a 2006 Printz award or honor book. I am almost afraid to say that as I predicted right for Rosoff's how i live now for 2005.

All for now - I'm going work on the L for my NOEL Christmas hanging - yes, I am a Christmas nut all year round. :-)