Sunday, August 27, 2006

At least I didn't wake up at 5 a.m. this morning. I slept in a bit and then curled up and read an "adult" book. I don't do that often, but I have a couple of series and authors I really like. One of them is the Hot Flash Club books by Nancy Thayer. I am not quite as old as the ladies in these books, but I do enjoy laughing at the characters enduring some of the same things I go through as I deal with the aging process. I thought it appropriate to read The Hot Flash Club Chills Out as summer comes to an end. It is set on Nantucket, where the ladies have access to a house for the summer. With all the changes going on in these ladies' lives it is a good thing they have a place to escape the summer heat in Boston and to chill out. :-) Even though the climate is so much different, the laid back lifestyle of the island reminded me of the Virgin Islands. The people who live on the island all pitch in to help each other. The same thing is happening in the VI right now. A musical fixture on the island, RJ, has been in the hospital and recently died. The locals are pulling together to help pay for his medical bills as beach bar singers certainly don't have health insurance. We had a wonderful Cinco de Mayo this year listening to him sing at Charlotte Tamales, our favorite Mexican restaurant on the island. He will be missed.

So my bedtime reading will be a YA novel to discuss soon! :-)