Sunday, August 13, 2006

Sorry it has been so long between postings. What a hectic few weeks it has been with this move. But, I now have wireless Internet through our cable provider so I can use my laptop anywhere in the condo. Haven't been able to use the cable though as my TV won't arrive until Tuesday.

A sunny Sunday morning here in Greenville. The master bedroom has a large window with an Eastern exposure so I am waken by the sun. I really don't mind as it allows me to wake up slowly. Had my early a.m. Diet Coke and reading time, but no Sophie on my tummy. I sure miss her. Feels weird to walk around the condo talking to myself instead of to her. And she talks back! At least with the cat under foot I didn't look like quite as much of a loon. Steve is taking her in for her rabies shot so I can bring her back with me when I am on island in October.

Talked to Steve yesterday morning. RJ, one the well known pub/bar singers on the island, is in the hospital on a respirator. No insurance, so the guys were doing a poker run last night to five different places as a fund raiser to help pay RJ's medical bills. I told Steve to lose as much as we could afford. I can close my eyes and see the smile light up RJ's face when he recognized us when we walked in to Megan's or Bottom's Up. And that man has a voice that can soothe the savage beast.

Was in my new office a couple of days ago unpacking review copies. It is like Christmas for me and all I want to do is grab an armload and go hide somewhere and read. My first read from the ARCs was Holly Bennett's The Bonemender's Oath, as I loved the first book about Gabrielle, the healer who discovers she is half Human and half Elvish, The Bonemender. The second book delves deeper into Gabrielle and Feolan's relationship as they help young Derkh, the soldier who Gabrielle heals and welcomes into her home, accept that he is no longer the enemy. Gabrielle's trickster brother Tristan and his beloved Rosie are central to this story as she is the target for a crazed merchant who wants to wed her at any means, even kidnapping and murder. Reading Bennett's books is like savoring a delicious cup of herbal tea in front of a fire - sips of the unique flavors of a Elvish world swirl about and mingle with the warmth, humor, and loving brew of a Human family. "Life was right now, right here, in her hands. She examined the cup she held - the gloss of it, the rich color, the exquisite transparency of the liquid within - and she drank deep".

I am off to Belks this afternoon to buy a set of pots and pans that are on sale. Not that they will get much use until Steve is here, but at least I will have them. I did actually use the little toaster oven and made myself a turkey pepperoni and veggie cheese pizza yesterday for lunch. Also pigged out on mint chocolate chip soy ice cream last night. Need to be careful or I will put on lots of weight now that all the soy and rice products I couldn't find on the islands are available at the local Kroger.

All for today.