Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Oh my am I tired! I did get 7 hours of sleep last night, but it has been a hectic day. There are boxes of books in my office that I did not have time to open. And, boxes of books at home I did not have time to open, but I did get most of the two duffel bags unpacked this evening. I about killed myself hauling them up the stairs to the condo this morning so I wasn't about to unpack them until I had ended this day of work. The postal lady called me to ask if she could leave my mail in front of the door since there was too much to fit in the mail box. It is sitting at my feet, with the bills opened at least. I celebrated the end of this day by curling up in my pjs and eating strawberries while watching Lost after editing a proposal for a presentation another professor and I hope to do in the Spring on family violence and how YA novels can be used to introduce this difficult subject. First book that came to mind when Libby suggested a session on books about family violence is not a YA novel, it is a children's book, but is so intense it is unforgettable. What Jamie Saw by Coman is incredible. I used to read aloud in class the scene where the stepfather throws the baby across the room like a football and the mother reaches out catches the baby as if that is what she was put on earth to do and the gasp of my students echoed what I feel every time I read it. E.R. Frank's America is going to certainly be one of the YA books on family violence I will share. I found myself wanting to hug this teen as his pain radiated from the pages of this heartbreaking novel. But, I have too many deadlines before this presentation next semester that I need to set this thought aside and move on to writing an article on audio books!

I did read a wonderful fantasy novel on the way home yesterday, but I have no idea where I put it at the moment so it will have to wait until tomorrow to talk about. Good night!