Thursday, November 23, 2006

Written yesterday, but didn't get posted:

We just got in to Kansas City and it is warmer here than it was in Key West! We had a wonderful time in Florida, but it was jeans and jackets weather, with last night being the worst with the cold rain. Our first night was in Miami. Someone said Orlando got snow! Not typical Florida weather. Steve actually tried to wear shorts the first day but he changed into jeans too. The stores on Duval were making big bucks on hooded sweatshirts. We saw a couple of kids in the hotel heated pool, but I shuddered just to think what it would feel like to step out into the cold wind off the ocean.

We wandered around the shops and even bought a Christmas ornament or two. We stayed at the Ocean Key Resort at Zero Duval. What a wonderful place! We had a gorgeous room with the Jacuzzi from heaven. I was in it every night as I could see the TV from the tub. The package deal we had included 3 quick massages but we combined two of them into an hour massage yesterday afternoon and left the spa feeling like two noodles, but got it together in time to go out and watch the shows on Mallory Square. We never did get the great sunset show as the weather was so bad. Steve brought a set of Christmas lights and put them up on our balcony so we would know which one was ours from the Square. I took pics, but not sure yet how well they came out. The package also included breakfast in a delightful restaurant called The Tin Roof. I noshed on scrambled eggs, bacon, and toast with the most delicious berry jam and all the black tea I could drink. Any plans for dieting were left back in NC. I was none too happy to have to pass on the yummy breakfast this a.m. as we left for the 4 hour drive to Ft. Lauderdale before they even opened up. The best dinner we had was at The Hard Rock Cafe, which Steve isn't too keen on eating in. Can't you tell we haven'tt eaten yet this evening? I have food on the mind.