Sunday, February 25, 2007

A good night's sleep and I am still traumatized over my time in the dressing room yesterday with way too many different swimsuits, all of which looked awful. JC Penney's was having a big sale so I thought I would go for it while they still had a large selection. Well, it wasn't a large enough selection for me to find one I would be willing to wear in public! I was so traumatized I had to come home and "heal" with dark chocolate and a Pierce Brosnan movie. The Thomas Crowne Affair is my favorite, but I went with what was on TV. I may have chosen unwisely as I had to put up with Salma Hayek running around in a very skimpy bikini while I was enjoying Brosnan's escapades as a diamond thief in After the Sunset. Woody Harrelson is not one of my favorite actors but he plays a charming, but bumbling, FBI agent after Brosnan. Next attempt at swimsuits, I am finding a cover-up I like first!

After the Sunset is set in the Caribbean, but not in Cuba, which, in my opinion, has some of the most beautiful beaches in the Caribbean, with few people on them. Lots of Canadians and most Cubans assumed I was Canadian when I spoke English. They were very surprised when I said I was an American taking a 3-week Spanish class at the University of Havana. We won't even go into how badly I did in Cuban Spanish! So, when I see children's books with a Cuba flavor I have to pick them up. Oye, Celia!: A Song for Celia Cruz by Katie Sciurba is a vibrant book - both text and illustrations. This book is a loving tribute to the Cuban born Queen of Salsa - Celia Cruz. Edel Rodriguez, the illustrator, was born in Havana so he adds an authentic Cuba flavor to the bold illustrations. He uses an interesting technique of combining spray paint with pastels and acrylics, while using clean black ink to outline. My favorite double-page spread shows a Havana street scene, with a well kept old car as a central feature. The engines may be a mixture of old and new, but the bodies are kept authentic and you feel like you have walked into the 50s when you walk down some of the streets in Havana. While I was in Havana, many of the other people with my group were there taking dancing lessons. I went to see their show at the end of the 3 weeks and we were dancing in our seats along with the students. The music of Cuba is alive with movement and smiles. No one can be unhappy while dancing in Cuba. :-) Oye! Listen!! One Spanish word I know well!

Time to do some picking up around here so Steve can actually get into bed when he gets home. Friday was his last day at the Court in the Virgin Islands and I pick him up in Charlotte on Wednesday. I can't wait! Sophie is good company but Steve is my best friend, along with being a way cool husband, and I have missed him something terrible.