Sunday, February 04, 2007

Happy Super Bowl Sunday! Somehow Cirque de Solei isn't working real well for me on a football field. Weird pre-game show and then some! Not as weird as the pre-concert show at Paul McCartney's concerts, but close. Since none of my favorite teams are playing I will go with the team closest to where I grew up - GO BEARS!!! Now that I think about it - I am sipping a glass of Fat Bastard white wine rather than guzzling Bud, so I shouldn't be complaining about this unusual pre-game show. This is the one football game where I run to the bathroom during the game so I can see the commercials. Can't wait to see the full Chevy commercial the Freshman at the U of WI-Milwaukee designed. Wish Steve were here watching it with me. He keeps my shouting down to a dull roar! :-)

Hey - I just heard that the Police are going to play on the Grammys! Sting is the one guy I'd think about leaving Steve for - well, Cary Grant too, but he's dead.

I went to the Public Library Annual Fund Raising Book Sale. What a waste of time on the last day. If I wanted books clearly I should have went on Friday afternoon. There wasn't a single book I wanted left - mainly because there wasn't a single book on the Children's Books table and only some really old stuff on the Fantasy/SF table. But there were tons of people there with bags and boxes to fill up with books. I even checked the Biographies for old movie stars and nothing. Oh well, it did get me out of the house for a little while - man it is cold out there with the wind. But nothing like what Mary was just telling me. Minus 9 degrees in Green Bay without the wind chill factor. BRRRR!!

I just finished the coolest MS fantasy - Elissa's Quest by Erica Verrillo. It is the first title in Phoenix Rising Trilogy and I can't wait to read the next two. It's a new Random House title that will be out in June. I am a big Tamora Pierce fan because of her strong female characters. Elissa would hold her own with Alanna and others. Elissa is the assistant to the midwife who delivered her when her mother died in childbirth. She has the ability to talk to animals and lives a quiet life gathering herbs with her friend Gertrude, a donkey with an attitude. Life changes when her father, Lord Falk, arrives and informs her that she is the key to him receiving help from the Khan in the form of soldiers to help save Falk's kingdom. Elissa is to spend a year in the Khan's household, which doesn't sound that terrible until her father leaves and she learns the lecherous Khan plans to add her to his group of wives. Way cool book! My favorite non-human character is Gertrude the donkey - she has such a personality and when Ralph the camel falls for her, I was laughing out loud. Adventure and humor - what more could you want?

Okay - the game has started - gotta go!