Sunday, February 11, 2007

Sorry it has been a week since I blogged. Been a busy one with meetings and phone calls with Mary as she impatiently waited for their son to be born.
Steve and I now have five grandbabies! Kegan Allan was born on Thursday, February 8th and weighed 6 lbs, 11 oz. Isn't he a cutie? He looks just like his daddy, Scott. Wish I could have been there for the birth, but mother and baby are back home and doing well. Big brother Michael, who's three, doesn't understand why Kegan can't come upstairs and play with him. Mary is going to have her hands full with two little boys, but they certainly have a backyard big enough for them to play in and they live next to the elementary school, with a big playground.

Been busy cleaning today - told myself I had to get all the old Christmas catalogs thrown out. Now my hips are sore from 4 trips up and down the stairs to the dumpster. Didn't realize I had accumulated so much junk mail. But, since I was home all of 13 days in January and not that many more in December, it is not surprising.

The Grammys are on tonight and I want to watch them as the Dixie Chicks are nominated for 5 awards. I would love to see them win as many as possible after the raw deal they got from country stations who boycotted their music for disagreeing with Bush. But, I am not getting into politics in this blog!

I have never been a big manga fan, but I love Manga Shakespeare: Romeo and Juliet. It is set in modern day Tokyo, but keeps the family names, Capulet and Montague. Romeo's father is Japanese and his mother looks like a blonde bimbo. Romeo is drawn blonde, thin and handsome and is, of course, a rock idol! :-) Juliet is a Shibuya girl. Now, I had to go look that up as I had no idea what a Shibuya girl was. Basically, a teenage girl who is very into fashion and hangs out in the commercial entertainment district of Shibuya in Tokyo. Juliet's clothes are certainly ... interesting! The dialogue is straight out of Shakespeare's play and it actually works with the modern day illustrations. I think teens of all ages will love this new Abrams/Amulet graphic novel series illustrated by Sonia Leong. I can't wait to read the others. Hamlet is already available, but I don't have a copy yet. Will sure help all those Juniors to have to read Hamlet in English classes as the Manga Shakespeare titles also include a short plot summary at the end.

All for now, I need to make sure I have all the books I need for my presentation tomorrow at home and not in the office.