Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Good morning from beautiful sunny Lexington. In the 30s still this a.m. but such a pretty view out of my home office window. We have an area designated for a walking path and park-like area so they can't build houses across the street so I look out at trees and grass rather than at the front of other houses. Right now the view is obstructed by the recyclable bin but I am waiting until it warms up a bit to haul that back into the garage. We drink so much Diet Coke that we easily fill up the bin in a week's time, but I like living in a city that requires you to recycle.

We are still car shopping for Steve. Nothing definite as of yet, but the test driving is fun. Well, test riding on my part - this is his car, after all. He got the idea that one car was not an option after I came right out and said so! :-) We had only one car on St. Thomas and unless I wanted to drive him to work in the a.m., which doesn't sound good to this non-morning person, I was stuck at home. I didn't mind that on the island as once you saw the touristy stuff there was nothing else to do. But in Lexington there are at least 3 different bookstores and all kinds of other things to explore!

We had a quiet Easter Sunday unpacking and making a ham dinner together. Then watched a bit of TV while I updated addresses. Mary called and I could hear Michael hopping around the house from all the Easter candy. I am still having dark chocolate bunny ear withdrawal as Steve didn't give me a chocolate Easter bunny and there were no kids or grandkids around to bite off bunny ears from! I know I can't be the only one who only likes the ears. I think I could make a fortune if I came up with a yummy coffee flavored foiled wrapped dark chocolate bunny ears Easter box of chocolates. :-)

Hardly a spring time book, but I just finished reading Vivian Vande Velde's All Hallow's Eve: 13 Stories. I love her horror short stories and YA novels. They are scary enough to be fun but not gruesome and bloody like the adult horror of Koontz and King, which I have read some of, but it is a bit intense for me. I pick and choose of theirs what I read. The creepiest story in this collection is the one about the adopted teen who hates her parents and insists on going to visit her biological parents on Halloween, dressed as a princess. You know, their little princess has found them at last! They are in costume as well when she arrives, dressed as Raggedy Ann and Andy and welcome her in but they are hardly innocent "dolls" - they are vampires. Mom bites her on the neck and then spits out her blood because she has their blood in her so they can't feed on her. Nor can they turn her into a vampire so she is worthless to them - just like the bunch of other babies they gave up for adoption. They shove her out the front door. She drives back home to her other parents, but rigor mortis has begin to set in. Creepy, creepy, creepy!! This collection is right up there with her earlier collection, Being Dead.

That's it for today. :-)