Friday, April 27, 2007

It's Friday and I am almost caught up with grading paperwork! We are going see the Lipizzaner Stallions tonight. This is their 37th year of touring. I was browsing the web site and saw they even have a place to buy horses. It is a good thing we don't have room for a horse! I had an Appaloosa in Wisconsin and though I am an awful rider, I loved her - she was more of a big pet, which isn't a good reason to have a horse - they need to be ridden, at least she did. I sold her to a barrel racer and last I heard Velvet was doing great.

Other good news is I should be getting my car back to myself this weekend. :-) I can jump in the car and head off to Half-Price Books and B&N any time I want. And, I may even go explore the big mall across town. Steve has finally decided on a car after driving lots of them. It is my favorite of the bunch too - a very pretty dark blue Saab convertible. I still like my Santa Fe better though - I can see everything from up high. And, we can fit even 3 sets of bookcases in my car with the back seats down - you can barely get into the backseat of his car. We are supposed to pick it up today or tomorrow. Looking forward to weekend drives with the top down as we explore Kentucky.

Was looking through some of the picture books I brought with me from my office at ECU and had to stop and read Delilah D. at the Library by Jeanne Willis. The illustrations by Rosie Reeve are an absolute delight. Her facial expressions for this little, very opinionated girl, with an even more vivid imagination, will bring a smile to any reader's face, but especially to a librarian's. I remember little girls like Delilah D., who loved to tell stories and get the other kids involved. They would get so involved they forgot it is imaginary, as is Delilah D.'s homeland - "a tiny little island between Jafrica and Smindia." The librarian had never heard of it and, heaven forbid, they forgot to put it on the world maps! I like Delilah D's idea of what should occur in a library - trapezes to swing on to reach high books, and a man walks around the library delivering cupcakes. Library Anne is dealing with Delilah D. well but this is when she remembers that there were days she wished she were an astronaut. :-) An absolute gotta have book for primary level libraries and a wonderful book to use to introduce rules in the library with kindergarten. The other reason I love this book is Delilah D. reminds me very much of our granddaughter Allyson, who has as vivid of an imagination! :-)