Thursday, June 30, 2005

Back to normal - or as normal as it gets - around here. Mary and MJ left yesterday a.m. It was a busy week - mostly running after him. I tried to toddler proof this place but I didn't do a very good job. Worst part was him finding a fire ant hill at Bluebeard's. Poor little guy. I think I got as many bites stripping his clothes off. I am enjoying the peace and quiet this a.m.

Been carrying around the paperback edition of Sharon M. Draper's The Battle of Jericho in my purse for weeks and finally finished it. It is very clear why this is a Coretta Scott King award book. Jericho and his cousin Josh want to become members of the Warriors of Distinction, a club that Josh's Dad had been in years before and one that was highly thought of by the community. Jericho has finally gotten the attention of Arielle, the girl of his dreams, and she is attending pledge functions with his, such as the afternoon of sorting and wrapping gifts for the kids. But the deeper into the club Jericho gets the more he questions their credibility. The demand to do anything asked of them includes stealing Christmas ornaments. The pledge activities extend beyond humiliation to down right dangerous. They all think Dana, the only female pledge, is the one in danger but it turns out to be Josh who pays the price of the Warriors' pledge activities. Superb book that exposes hazing and the consequences.

Off to my last full day at Montessori for the year.