Friday, June 10, 2005

Last day of school day for the kids - only a 1/2 day. Yesterday was our Upper Elementary and MS graduation. It was a very neat ceremony with graduates from years before attending as well as Miss Virgin Islands, who is an alum. Montessori has been on the island since 1964 and has a wonderful committed group of parents and teachers. The 8th graders looked so grown up in their hats.

I finally did get my VI drivers license yesterday. Got a 90% on the test - about 1/2 of the group of 15 who took it with me didn't pass it. It is quite an unusual test so I knew to study the book and look for trick questions - which there were a lot of. The guy giving the test was not having a good day and let loose some profanity when one of the people waiting to take the test made a comment about the process. One of the other women and I looked at each other and almost got the giggles. I was worried he would swear at me and kick me out or fail me on the test if I made a sound so I stifled it and was more than polite to him. We were put in a small room with 15 chairs of various types crammed in next to each other and were given zerox copies of the test, pencils, and pads of paper to use as "desks" in our laps. When we came out there were 15 more people standing in line to take the test.

I'm listening to John Marsden's While I Live, the latest book in the Tomorrow Series about 17-year-old Ellie and her group of Australian friends who fight against an invading force that takes over their town, beginning with Tomorrow, When the War Began. In the latest novel Ellie's parents have been murdered and she and young profoundly deaf Gavin are trying to keep the farm going while working with a secret group that makes raids across the border to rescue prisoners. I am thoroughly enjoying the listening experience and now want to go back and read the other novels in the set. I read Tomorrow... years ago and loved it. Marsden is a good author and I also enjoyed his Letters from the Inside about two teenage pen pals, one of them in a maximum security prison.

Off to work and hugs good bye from the kids. :-)