Monday, June 06, 2005

An overcast Monday morning - it is going to be a hot and still day I think. Had breakfast out on the porch while reading the local newspaper. The VIPD is going to crack down on the dark window tints so many of the island cars have. Our crime rate is pretty high so it is a safety issue for the officers pulling over cars. Also read about the evening pray memorial for the 17-year-old girl who drove her car off of the wharf and drowned. The passenger was able to escape but the driver couldn't get her seat belt off. She would have graduated from All Saints, a private Catholic School on the island.

Remember the Archie comics from years ago? Well, the characters seem to be popular again. It is funny how the clothes they wore are trendy again. We call now them capris, my mom called them pedal pushers. Wish I had kept my old platform sandals from the 70s! Anyway, Hyperion has a really cute paperback called Betty & Veronica Best Friends Forever by Jasmine Jones. It is a short and sweet guide on friendship and how to treat old and new friends. I am recommending it to the 4-6 grade teacher at Montessori. At $4.99 this classroom needs several copies! This group has lots of little cliques and I get to hear their spats as there is a little pond with a bench right between their classroom and the library. One of the suggestions for making new friends is to start a book club so how could a librarian not like this guide? :-)

Now to start unpacking boxes of books. Steve anchored and leveled my bookcases yesterday. We have uneven tile floors so he had to use shims to level them out, but now I can get my books sorted and decide on which ones I want to include in the 2nd ed. of HS Tantalizing Tidbits.