Thursday, June 16, 2005

Tile floors are very hard on the feet when you are on them all day. I spent yesterday shifting books from a bookcase on one side of the livingroom to the other side. Then unpacked about 10 more boxes of books. It isn't that I "use" all of them - they are my comfort level of home. No separate office here so the bookcases are in the livingroom. MJ will have more children's books to crawl up into my lap with then he knows what to do with. I have a shelf set aside for him. This gramma is getting excited - they will be here next Weds. Still haven't gotten the extra bedroom squared away for them but I still have a few days.

The Booklist review is dead on the money with the comment of "capturing teen angst with wit and poignancy" about Dyan Sheldon's My Perfect Life, the sequel to Confessions of a Teenage Drama Queen. I hope I didn't talk about My Perfect Life already - I looked back a bit in my entries and didn't see it. If so, I apologize. Ella is the quiet one of the pair and drama queen Lola has coerced her into running for school president, with the school bad boy as vice president. Carla Santini, the most popular and rich girl in school, is Ella's main competition and Carla wants Ella as her Vice President candidate to eliminate her as competition. Carla's attempt to "buy" votes with a party at her huge house turns against her when her drunk father comes on to Lola, who he thinks is Ella's mom in costume. You can't help but laugh out loud while reading about Carla and Lola trying to out do each other with over the top antics. The election results remind me of past U.S. presidential elections when people didn't vote for someone, but against someone. A fun read and it was nice to see quiet Ella come into her own.

Off to work and an Appreciation Luncheon for the Montessori staff members who have been at the school 30+ years.