Monday, August 29, 2005

Got up early to take Steve in to work so I have the car to take Chet to the airport later this morning. He is the last of our summer visitors. It will be nice to get back on a normal schedule. They went to the annual Chili Cook Off at Bolongo Bay yesterday. I am not into big crowds so I opted out. When we went out to dinner the cars were still lined up near Iggy's. We ended up eating at Molly Malone's even though we had our taste buds set on pizza. Lots of the restaurants were closed as they were involved in the Chili Cook Off.

We have been having some Internet connection problems so I have had more time to read than usual and curled up with a Simon Pulse title - Niki Burnham's Sticky Fingers. I like the cover - a girl's arm around a guy in a white t-shirt and blue jeans. All you see is from the knees to the neck. Piques the reader's interest. I related to the main character Jenna as she was an A student but one who had to work hard at it. Her boyfriend Scott was the good looking jock who aced the tests without studying. Life should have gotten easier for Jenna when she earned early admittance to Harvard. Now Scott wants her to relax, I mean really relax. It is time for her to go beyond steaming up the windows in his Jetta. Jenna is feeling pressured and unsure and cannot even talk to her best friend Courtney is acting weird, especially because Jenna saw her "accidentally" knock a bottle of fingernail polish into her purse and deny she had stolen it. Let's just say things get more than a bit sticky in relation to both Jenna's relationship with Scott and with Courtney. Time will prove who cares about her more.

Also spent time browsing through Wizardology: The Book of Secrets of Merlin. What fun. There is even a set of tarot cards included. Lots of little flaps to turn and check out what is beneath. I must have spent a couple of hours flipping through it - from front to back and then from back to front. The owl even has his own tiny book hidden inside the back cover. This is a great book to give to the middle schooler who loves Harry Potter and other wizard books. Even more fun than Dragonology, which had me spell bound as well. I cannot attest for Egyptology as I haven't seen this one of the interactive Candlewick titles.

All for now.