Tuesday, August 23, 2005

I can see a bank of rain going by like a mist or fog - really strange. I hope the weather clears up before Steve's sailing buddy Chet flies in via Puerto Rico tonight. It is always a flip of the coin whether that last plane of the night gets in or not, especially this time of the year.

Just sent in my VOYA review of David Clement-Davies' The Telling Pool. The Welsh lad in this Arthurian tale is the descendent of Guinevere and Lancelot's son. Rhodri is destined to be the one to find Excalibur and save the world from the ancient curse that resulted from their love affair. It is quite an intriguing tale, and includes a wonderful piece where him travels for a time with a Jewish man and his daughter who are ostracized by the other travelers on the road. He saves them from robbers and Rebecca, in turn, helps Rhodri save himself from the Enchantress who has imprisoned his father's heart and many of the knights who had returned from the Crusades. There are many variations of the Arthurian tale and this one of those that should be added to MS/JH collections.

Speaking of variants of well known stories, I have a copy of Harvey Fierstein's The Sissy Duckling in front of me. Talk about a fun variation of the Ugly Duckling story. How can you not love this duckling who just wants to be himself, even if that means creating puppet shows instead of playing football? Even his father is upset with his sissy son, that is until Elmer rescues him after he is shot out of the sky by hunters. This is one picture book that stays in my own collection so I can read it to my grandchildren, especially my grandson! :-)