Tuesday, August 09, 2005

I am so NOT a morning person! These are the days I wish we had two cars as I have to get up early to take Steve in to work if I want the car for the day. Six a.m. is too early for any human being to be up - the sun is barely waking up, how do we assume people want to! Grumble, grumble, grumble!!

Have been working on the list of books for my booktalking presentation at AASL in October. For sure Pete Hautman's Invisible will be on it. What a wonderfully creepy book. Seventeen-year-old Doug Hanson has never gotten over what happened to him and his best friend Andy in the Tuttle place three years ago. He still talks to Andy every day even though they don't do much else together - they each have their own hobbies now. Doug's is building a model train city in the basement. It now takes up three ping pong tables and is still growing. Doug uses matches with the heads scraped off (can't take a chance of a fire) to build. He is finishing up a detailed suspension bridge when his world starts crashing down on him. Doug is the geekiest kid in all of his classes and no girl has ever shown any interest in him, especially Melissa. Andy keeps warning him that if he kept watching Melissa through her bedroom window at night he is going to get caught. It is time for Doug to send his train across the suspension bridge and when he does it "sets his world on fire". Real head trip of a book, but then again, Hautman is good at that. My favorite of his earlier books is Mr. Was - a time travel book in which a teen travels back in time to try and stop his father from killing his mother, but ends up meeting his grandfather.

Time to finish getting ready to drive into town and then to buy books. Maybe it was worth getting up to do that, even if the books aren't for me.