Thursday, May 05, 2005

Almost the end of my day "off" this week. Been very busy at Montessori so I have been in pretty much all of last and this week. Add final grading for two classes and getting ready to move and you pretty much have my day other than sleeping, which I want more of! A very dreary and drizzly day today but I love it since it is cool, in the low 80s, with a breeze.

Since I knew I was going to be stuck in front of this computer screen all day I had my first diet coke while finishing the last couple of chapters of Kevin Brooks' Candy. What a wonderful novel, but then again I am partial to Brooks - I loved both Lucas and Kissing the Rain. This one is about a young British teen who becomes obsessed with the young prostitute he meets on his way to a doctor's appt. in London. Even after her pimp scares him silly during their first meeting, while sitting in McDonald's, Joe can't get Candy out of his mind. He skips school and meets her at the zoo, where they spend the day together, with her running off to the bathroom to smoke heroine. At this point he is still ignoring what she does for a living and that she is an addict. She shows up at the Katies' concert - he is in a band - and dances to the song her wrote about her. But Iggy, her pimp, shows up and Joe's sister's boyfriend gets beaten up trying to stop them from dragging Candy out of the club. His obsession gets worse and he follows Iggy home to where Candy is. Joe is letting his obsession with her shake any sense of reasonable behavior out of his head and he and his sister almost die because of Candy.

Now I really need to read something that isn't about a teen prostitute, both of the last two books I have read have had a female teen prostitute on drugs. But, I am limited to what I can find on the top of my boxes of books to go to the new apt. Can't wait to get them all set up so I can get to them readily, especially my collection of Christmas books. I like to take them out and just browse through them. I'm in the Christmas mood again - we have Saturday Night Live's Christmas special on DVD- haven't watched it yet. Will this weekend.

Back to work for me - need to find the top of my desk - I am worried something important is in this pile!