Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Can you hear me muttering across the Internet? We just finished moving all of our stuff over from the Freydenhoj apt. and my desk top computer is in pieces. So I am using Steve's laptop with our phone line connection to the Internet and it has gone down three times while I was trying to log in to my blog. I was having Internet withdrawal big time - two days without checking email, etc. Before that I was working like a pack horse to get things moved. We moved as much as we could with trips in my RAV4 and the rest the movers picked up yesterday. Cell phones attached to their ears as they moved things - GRRRR!! I think I shamed them into putting the cell phones away for a bit as I was lugging arm loads of stuff past them to put in the car. They couldn't be out done by a woman. :-)

Our new apt. above Frenchman's Bay on the South side of the island, is fantastic! We have a view to die for and it is so quiet. I am in heaven - other than the fact that I have to put all this stuff away now! I woke up on my own this a.m. - no bleating goats, no roosters, no blaring horns, no fart mobiles. :-) And, we have a great wooden deck for MJ to run toy trucks on when he and Mary get here next month. We are about a 1/2 mile from the beach so if we want to tire him out we can walk down there. No fears of being attacked by a rooster, goat, or run over by a souped up Honda.
Haven't had much time to read but I finished Peter Abrahams' Echo Falls Mystery Down the Rabbit Hole. I grabbed the ARC (a HarperCollins title, due out June 12) after I saw that it is on the BBYA nominations list. I think it is a good middle school mystery for those who like Sherlock Holmes and the elements of a mystery. Ingrid is approaching the murder of Cracked Up Katie - an eccentric town resident and once a promising actress - using Holmes type techniques, even accepting one of her suspects as a red herring. My problem is I had a very difficult time suspending my disbelief that a girl as young as Ingrid would do the things she did - break into Katie's house, take her grandfather's caddie to visit Katie's grandmother (after he conveniently teaches her to drive his tractor), etc. But, I have to admit I am not a big mystery fan and don't care for Sherlock Holmes so my preconceived notions about this book is coloring my experience with it. I would certainly recommend it to middle school mystery readers and already have it on my to order list for Montessori.
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