Saturday, May 28, 2005

My computer is still in pieces on the floor so I am using Steve's laptop while he is working - at least I think that is where he is - he was gone when I got up. Sleeping here is a delight - it is so quiet! About all you hear is a few birds. I fell asleep with a pillow over my head though as the owner had a party for his summer institute students and they had a talent show with very loud music. We went up to say hello but didn't stay long. I pulled a muscle while carrying boxes and I am still not moving too quickly. I don't do anything to moderation, including trying to carry boxes that are too heavy! OUCH!!
So, I spent a couple of days taking it easy and read a MS mystery I absolutely loved. Couldn't put it down until I found out what the final riddle was. It is Christine Morton-Shaw's The Riddles of Epsilon - a HarperCollins title that came out in April. Like I said in an earlier posting, I am not a big mystery fan, but this is a fantasy mystery so I was intrigued as I love fantasy. Jess and her parents move to small island off of England where her mom inherited the old family home, much in need of work. Jess has the entire attic to herself and discovers a thirteen year old boy lived in the same room a hundred years before and he is trying to warn her of what is about to happen to her mother. Jess finds a small cottage that belongs to a ghost like presence - Epsilon. Epsilon gives her riddles to solve as her father is engrossed in his photography and her mother becomes obsessed with picking shells from the beach and drawing a woman's sad and haunting face. Jess is scared silly but she feels she has no choice but to save her mother.
All for now - need to get the next load of clothes in the washer and see what type of beautiful boat is either powering or sailing by.