Tuesday, May 31, 2005

What a weekend it was. You know how things come in threes - both bad and good. Well, when I pulled the muscle moving I figured I was in for a couple of more "incidents." I wasn't wrong. Sunday we were in KMart and while Steve was looking at electronic "stuff" I was over looking at toys for when MJ and Ally get here. There were a group of boys chasing each other around in the toy section and I don't mean little ones - big ones. I came around the end of an aisle and got hit in the face with one of those hard rubber balls. It knocked me right on the floor. Thought I was "skinned" on the left side of my face but it was just red and I had a headache the rest of the day. So there was two. I was hoping the huge bruise on my lower leg from whapping myself with a chair while moving was the third. No such luck - last night we ate dinner on the porch and I got strung three times by a wasp. I thought they could only sting once, but not this one. Talk about hurt and swell up. So that had better be three - I am almost afraid to go to work today!
I actually read an adult book this weekend - a mystery no less. Okay, I will admit the title is what got me - Mistletoe Murder. Me and my Christmas addiction. Leslie Meier writes a whole series of mysteries with holiday titles. Felt like I was reading about Angela Lansbury in her 40s. Set in a small Maine town and the sleuth works in a L.L. Bean type place taking phone orders. The owner gets murdered and she figures out who the murderer is - of course. Not sure I will read any more of them, but who knows.
Off to work.