Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Getting up at 6 a.m. means I get to watch the boat come out to drop off the pilot who brings in the cruise ships. The pilot boat looks like a toy next to the huge cruise ships. I hadn't thought about how they also need pilots to enter the Mississippi in New Orleans - so many that they had a group of homes called Pilot Town. I heard that Carnival is sending three of its cruise ships to house some of the people who lost their homes in New Orleans.

Took yesterday off totally from any work related activities. Didn't have much choice as the Internet connection was so sluggish I didn't have the patience for it to load screens. Seems to be fine this a.m. So, I wallowed in a Fern Michaels' novel - Weekend Warriors. Not one I would recommend to teens. Just an adult beach read about a group of women out to seek their own kind of justice when the legal system failed them. Got my attention enough that I want the sequel. I am sure I will have to order it from B&N as I found the first one in the bookcase at Bottom's Up when we went for the prime rib special Sunday night. Most of the marina bars/restaurants have at one bookcase of paperbacks since the only public library on island is in downtown Charlotte Amalie and it is sorely in need of collection development in all areas.

My latest YA read is Paul Fleischman's ZAP. I loved so many of his other books - Joyful Noise, Bull Run, Mind's Eye, and Seek - but this disjointed play did not appeal to my reader's taste. Who knows - maybe it would like it if I saw it in on the stage. I am sure many high schools will follow behind Pacific Grove High School and perform it. It is a must have in a HS collection as we have so few modern plays that have YA appeal. Teens may like the idea of a play that changes scenarios with the sound of a click/zap. Maybe it is because I get so frustrated with Steve's channel surfing that I didn't like it! I was half way through the campy and stupidly fun to watch horror movie Snakehead Fish when he decided watching some documentary on Area 51 would be more entertaining.

I snort laughed my way through Simon James' picture book Baby Brains Superstar. What a hoot. I kept thinking about all the bright eyed parents I have met who assured me their babies/children were gifted (I taught preschool years ago). My favorite illustration is of Mrs. Brains laying on the floor with headphones around her pregnant tummy playing classical music. And like so many parents with "gifted" children Mr. and Mrs. Brain forgot that their music composing, guitar playing infant son was still a baby mentally and began to wail "Where's my mommy?" when he saw all the people in the crowd at his very own rock concert. This Candlewick title will bring a smile to any parent's face and will delight young children.

Off to Montessori. Via email I heard our server software came in. We having been trying to get Follett's Destiny up and running since we got the software in February. Everything runs on island time down here.