Wednesday, September 14, 2005

So maybe staying up until almost 4 a.m. wasn't a good idea! My night owl tendencies were in high gear last night and since it is just Sophie and me this week I took advantage of it and watched the premier of Bones and the season premier of House on Fox. Was busy working on the 2nd advent calendar so time just flew by. But now I am regretting my late night viewing and then reading in bed. I was really hyper when I got home last night as I made two shopping excursions to Hemingway's bookstore to buy books for Montessori at 1/2 off. Ended up spending $800, but got lots of great titles, including some really cool art books. It was like Christmas or shopping at Foleys on someone else's money. :-) But, I did buy myself a few Christmas related titles. Think that is why I was up so late even though I had gotten up early to go to work. Oh well, a nap will fix it!

Did a booktalking session with the Middle School at Montessori yesterday. They were a lot of fun. We were talking about Gary Paulsen's Rifle, one of my favorite of his books though it didn't get much attention. We talked about how an antique Civil War era rifle could fire because of one spark from the fireplace. That is my favorite passage in the book. It is written in such detail that you are stunned when it comes to a conclusion and you know what happened to the bullet. Every book I talked about was checked out - that is what makes booktalking so satisfying. The students want the books!

Then I had little ones in who don't even know how to put the books back with spines out! We use shelf markers but they haven't gotten that process down yet either but the joy in their faces when they find the book they want and carefully write their names on the card is a delight to watch. The boys trashed the dinosaur section, but it was worth it to see them so animated about the different type of dinosaurs.

Oh dear - I hear a YA novel and maybe a nap calling me! :-) After I figure out what Sophie is fussing about. She is the most vocal cat I have ever had, but then again I encourage it as we have conversations all day long while I am home alone!