Thursday, September 22, 2005

There are nine sail or powerboats within my view. It is a beautiful sunny and breezy day. The sails are moving the boats along at a good pace. We are fortunate so far this hurricane season. We have not had but a couple of bad storms with some flooding, but nothing major. I have the Weather Station on again today and am looking at the gridlock on the highways out of Houston. 45 is the only highway out of Galveston and it converges downtown with the other highways that head north or west. What a mess. Tried to get into the UHCL website just to see if I could check my email or do some grading, but figured they would be shut down. They are. They were still up yesterday so I was able to assure my students not to worry about the scheduled chat for tonight.

I was going to walk down to the beach later today but my toe is blue and I am limping. How something so tiny can hurt and throb so bad is beyond me! I stubbed it on the tub last night and heard the cracking/popping noise before the pain set in so I knew I had done some damage. OUCH!! This better settle down before Sunday when I cram my feet into my cowboy boots. I always wear them when I fly to keep my ankles and feet warm in the plane. I am headed to Greenville North Carolina so I don't think I have to worry about the storm.

Was reading the chapter in the text I am reviewing on humor and was very surprised that Rennison's books were not included in the discussion. How could the five books about wacky Brit Georgia Nicholson not be included? The latest is entitled Then He Ate My Boy Entrancers. How could that title not get a teenage girl's attention? I snort laughed at the first book about Georgia - Angus, Thongs and Full Frontal Snogging. Gotta love her cat. And Joan Bauer's Thwonk about a girl who has her own Cupid who gives her what she thought she wanted - the guy of her dreams to fall madly in love with her. Mad is the operative word here - he is acting like a mad man - quite funny reading. It should have been on the list.

Speaking of funny - you gotta love Willa the Wonderful by Susan Milord. Willa is a delightful little pig who decides that she is going to be a fairy princess for career day. Her teacher and the other adults in her life aren't too sure about how good of a career choice this is, at least until she saves her classmate's little brother. Her determination reminds me a bit of Falconer's Olivia. Two fun little pigs to introduce to young readers. Willa the Wonderful is a great book to use when introducing a career unit with little ones.

All for now. I am going limp into the kitchen for my third diet coke of the day! :-)