Friday, September 30, 2005

Looks like only one ship in today. That means the traffic shouldn't be so bad when I pick Steve up from work today. Had to dig out my ugly Dr. Scholls sandals for today - still hobbling around with this broken toe. It didn't care for being put in dress shoes for 4 days. I think my feet were in shock both from the shoes and from hose. I haven't worn socks, let alone anything but beach sandals for months. But, I look at this way - that means I need to buy new shoes that fit better. Good excuse to go shoe shopping! :-)

I read Graham Marks' Zoo while on the flight to Greenville, NC. What a cool book! Pair it up with Werlin's Double Helix, one of my favorite YA novels about genetic engineering. In Zoo, the 17 year old son of a cell phone mogul is kidnapped and the parents don't seem too thrilled about getting the police involved. That is because the kidnapper knows more about their behind the scenes genetics company: Doctor Corporation/Birth Sciences Inc. They have been producing generations of "perfect" babies and Cam is one of them. Only he doesn't find this out until he gets shot in the arm and the soon-to-be vet of Tee's (the girl who shelters him after he escapes from his kidnappers) finds a chip implanted in his arm. It is time to confront Daddy and Mommy Dearest and the confrontation is more than expected. Lots of twists and turn in Zoo - a down right fun read. Perfect for high school guys.

With Halloween coming up next month, take a look at The Warthog's Tail by Debby Atwell. It is a witchy version of an old folktale: "Dog, dog bite warthog so I can get home in time for Trick or Treat." The dog won't accommodate her, nor will the stick or match until a mysterious old man suggests the use of persuasion: "Speak politely, put a little heart in your smile, and then... just trust." The little witch eventually does get home to dress up in her bunny costume for trick or treating. The illustration where the dog bites the warthog's tail is a hoot. The look of shock on the wacky looking warthog's face is enough to have any child, or adult for that matter, laughing. This is the perfect example to use when explaining to someone that a picture book requires both the pictures and the text to tell the tale. The parting comment from mother witch is" Wait there, dear. I'm just putting an old costume away. I'll be right with you." When the reader sees the costume on the bed all questions are answered. Cute book! :-)

Time to get my dad's birthday card together so I can mail it at lunch time today.