Sunday, May 07, 2006

Football on TV already! Having the NFL channel gives Steve 24/7 access to football stuff. I'd rather watch racing or most anything else during the off season. Yesterday we were watching a road rally that took place in Labrador, Newfoundland. Why someone would road race some of the old cars in that race is beyond me, especially since it was raining. But, I did enjoy drooling over the cars. Or I might have been drooling over the smell of French fries since Steve and I somehow "lost" each other in Havensight. He went across the street to get his hair cut and I went to buy Mother's Day cards. Since the post office was open I decided to stand in line for stamps to mail them. Big mistake - one of the elderly West Indian women in front of me had a stack of bills and was slowly pulling out each one and asking for money orders. So while I stood in line for what seemed like forever Steve had already finished getting his haircut and went to look for me at Dockside Books, where we agreed to meet. I headed there after the PO but he wasn't there so I checked out all the new YA on the shelves and the mysteries. Still no Steve so I bought a diet coke at Gourmet Gallery (closing my eyes to all the delicious varieties of European dark chocolate). Still no Steve, so I went and sat in the car and listened to a bit of McGuire's Wicked, which I am loving. How can you not love a sharp toothed little green girl, daughter of a promiscuous mother and a minister father who does not know she isn't his. How she becomes the Wicked Witch of the West is going to be one long delicious listen! But, it was wickedly hot in the car so I headed across the street to see what the heck was keeping him. There he was, having a drink, reading the Daily News, and chatting with the other locals at The Rum Shack. He said he assumed I would know where to find him! Oh well, by then we were starving so the Shipwreck burger was devoured, as were the fries. YUM!!

The mail situation is getting more interesting by the day. I would say humorous, but I am long past thinking it is funny. One, I always end up parking by the dumpster because the parking situation is horrible - people park any which where they want to. Two, the owner has taken over the counter, which he doesn't do well. There he was, sitting on the outside steps in the sun, sleeping, when we got there yesterday. He said he was bored as only 4 customers had come in so far that day. Oh yes, and the mail had just come in but he hadn't gotten around to putting it up yet. GRRR!!!

I curled up with a children's book this a.m. and read Kate DiCamillo's The Miraculous Journey of Edward Tulane. What a beautifully written gentle toy fantasy about a part china and part fur 3' tall rabbit, who starts out as the beloved friend of Abilene, a rich little girl who dresses him up in various costumes, hats and shoes included. Edward has his own bed and silk pajamas. He is one conceited rabbit who just accepts that Abilene loves him - he has no concept what that could be. But his journey begins when a couple of rowdy boys grab him while Abilene's family is sailing on the Queen Mary and he gets thrown overboard. It is a long time before an old sailor catches Edward in his net and he is dressed up as a girl rabbit, but this is so much better than the ocean floor he accepts the dress. Edward's learns, through a variety of owners what love is all about. A very touching story that reminds me of The Velveteen Rabbit by Williams. A wonderful bedtime read aloud for a little girl.

That is it for me today.