Thursday, May 25, 2006

Not enough sleep! Groan!! Up at 6 a.m. after watching the season finale of Lost last night. We haven't been as regular with watching it as I would like, but this is my favorite show at the moment. The last scene had my mind whirling away at what role Penny plays in the island so I was up half the night. Oh well, I'll catch up on my sleep this weekend.

Two more boxes of books in the car headed for ECU. There are only two more on the floor near my desk so I will have to find more boxes. Steve brought home a couple from work but they are too big for book boxes. Still haven't figured out whether or not to have my car shipped back or try to sell it here. So many things to do before August. Steve has a meeting in DC in June so I made reservations to fly to DC and we will drive down to NC to get a storage place set up and look at apartments, etc. I have not seen that part of the country so it should be an enjoyable drive down. Only a day and 1/2 back on island before I leave for ALA in New Orleans so June is going to be a busy month.

I finally read Helicopter Man by Elizabeth Fensham. It has been on my bookcase waiting for me. I was totally wrong about the content based on the cover art of helicopters, but that was fine. I thought it would be about a guy still reliving whatever war he fought in, but instead it is a heartbreaking story of a young teen's life with his mentally ill father, who is sure his wife was taken away from them by a secret organization that is after them as well. She couldn't have left on her own volition, now could she? Of course not, so that is why Pete goes along with his father's hiding out in strange places - the last one being the storage shed hidden away on the back of a family's property. That is, until they get chased away by the owner and they turn up on the doorstep of the only friends who will let them in. Eventually, his father is hospitalized and Pete is able to piece together the events that led up to their homelessness and his father's illness. Although set in Australia, this is journal style novel is a one gulp read.

Off to Montessori for the day - lots of diet coke to keep me awake today!